Bio - Excerpts of the Lyrics

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Kamal M Malak



Kamal is a multi-lingual lyrics writer. He is also an author of fiction. His lyrics are of wide variety and cover multitude subjects, romance, religion, tragedy, revenge, cynical taunt and some outright funky.

He started writing poetry and later lyrics as a hobby but later developed it as a business. His lyrics are beautiful as well as meaningful. Occasionally, he uses French words in his lyrics due to his background since he lived many years in France and was married to a French girl. His lyrics can arouse you, make you laugh and sometimes, make you cry.

He has been a member of International Songwriters Association for many years and other music bodies.


The lyrics are of the highest quality, some excerpts are:

I Laugh At Myself Now

Why do the stars shine? Why do the birds sing?

And why do I still hear the sound of waves?

When the blue ocean is far far away,

Why do the mountains stand so still?

When my world has fallen away,

                                Till, the answers,

                                 I laugh at myself now, I don’t cry     ©


Saturday Night:

This is the place for lovers, the night to make some special friend,

To fulfil your desires, to give your dreams a lovely end,

Come into my arms, I want to say hello to you real close,

“I would love to”, say it darling, this is the signal you need to send,

      Come inside my heart darling, it’s Saturday night and my heart is free,   ©


Look At Me

See the sea of love inside me, look through my eyes,

Dying to have yours on them, listen to my lips’ cries,

Feel my fading heart beats, your very touch could revive,

Look at my trembling hands, can they really tell you lies?

       Look at me again and again; you might just never see me again. ©


Hold Me Tight

Excited, aroused, feeling tipsy, can’t cope with the sparkling wine,

Touch me, feel me, taste me, yes baby yes...I am no longer mine,

Dreaming, imagining, on my clouds, floating in the sky,

I am getting high, nothing to hold me, I can’t feel my spine,

                                       I am falling darling, please hold me tight,    ©


My eyes are deep blue, my cheeks are rosy,

I walk with grace, they think I am too easy,

The young men surround me all the time,

Hi babe, hi sexy, hi sweety,

                                             Sexy, sexy, I am too sexy, Ooh la la   ©



In other languages:


Ce n’est pa la peine..

Maintenant, tu me demandes pardon, porquoi,

Tu me console, pourquoi,

Le train est parti, j’ai deja brulé,

Laisse moi tranquille, laisse moi avec me misères,

                          Ce n’est pa le peine, ca fait rien Cherie ©



Teri Chooriyan

‘Mere dil ko aksar behlati hein teri chooriyan,

Sonchoon  jab jab thujhe, aatie hein yaad teri chooriyan,

Madhosh hoon mai tere faile mohabbat mein, mere mehboob,

Alla, koi sun laiga, khankhanati hein teri chooriyan…..’ ©


Raton Ki Raat

Mei houn akela es andheri raat mein, basi hein es mein bohat si kahaniyan,

Nikalte hein aansoo mere motiyon ki tarah, chuphi hein es mein bohat si udasiyan,

Garajte hein badal, karakti hai bijli, dehelta hai kiyon dukhi dil mera,

Larzti hein kiyon diwarein, koi nahi sun sakta mere dil ki duhaiyan,

                          Yeh hai raton ki raat, basi hein es mein bohat si kahaniyan    ©

All rights reserved.